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Audio Visual Services Request Form

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  2. Audio/Visual Services Request Form
    Please be advised, ALL requests must be submitted by the Faculty or Staff event sponsor at least TWO WEEKS in advance of the event request date. Late or last minute requests will be evaluated based on available Special Event Department resources.
  3. Simpson Farm House 352-455-3171
  4. Please provide date(s) range here
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    Please check all day(s) needed here. *Saturdays and Sundays require approval first.
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  7. *please note that Special Events Coordinatordoes NOT schedule buildings/rooms for events.You must schedule location through Ms. Lajune Garry.
  8. Detailed description of event. Please include any special requests or instructions.
  9. Type of Function
  10. Provide the GL code for Payroll Purposes.
  11. Equipment Services Requested
  12. Please check all equipment needed
  13. Please use this area to indicate how many microphones and/or stands are needed for your function.
  14. Please use this area to indicate other a/v equipment needed.
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  17. Special Events Coordinator
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