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Building Height Advisory Committee Application

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  2. City Clerk
    510 North Baker Street
    Mount Dora, FL 32757
    (352) 735-7142 Office

  3. Application to Serve as a Building Height Advisory Committee Member for the City of Mount Dora

    The Building Height Advisory Committee will consist of seven (7) resident members appointed by each councilmember and six (6) professional members with prior or current professional experience as an:

    • architect
    • engineer
    • general contractor
    • subcontractor
    • planner
    • realtor
    • other profession.  

    Professional members shall either be a current resident or own a business with the principal operations being conducted in the City of Mount Dora city limits and shall remain as such throughout the Term of the Advisory Committee.

  4. Membership Type*
  5. Professional Member applicants are required to upload a copy of their City of Mount Dora business license.

  6. Resident Member applicants are required to upload a copy of their Voter Registration Card.

  7. Upon Completion
    This form will be submitted to the City Clerk's Office.
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