Public Comment/Questions FAQ

The City of Mount Dora is committed to being open to public suggestions and comments in regards to residents concerns.  We have provided links to Frequently Asked Questions for residents and visitors to help increase awareness on the various projects and agenda items in the city. 

If you do not feel your question or detail has not been addressed, please feel free to contact your city council:

Click here for individual emails or contact the council as a whole

Mayor Catherine T. Hoechst 
Vice Mayor Harmon Massey
Council Member Cal Rolfson
Council Member Pam Burtnett 
Council Member At-Large Crissy Stile
Council Member John Tucker
Council Member Marc Crail

In response to the Fiscal Ranger’s blog about the RFQ Process

In response to a citizen's inquiry about live streaming council meetings:

  • The City of Mount Dora, out of an abundance of caution, will not be live streaming City Council meetings until ADA standards can be met. The meetings must have closed captioning in order to be compliant to all of our residents. The city is continuing to look into equipment and programs that will enable us to provide the best quality of compliance.

In response to a citizen's inquiry about Traffic Calming and ticketing:

  • Police routinely and pro-actively works in areas where there are traffic complaints. Each officer is given the discretion to handle traffic infractions with a ‘warning’ or a ‘traffic citation’ as they deem appropriate.

In response to a citizen's inquiry about Fire Safety on vacant buildings:

Per the Fire Department, if a building is vacant, the owner is still required to maintain fire suppression systems, such as sprinklers, within the building.  If the building or space becomes occupied, then other safety requirements, such as clearly marked and lit exit signs are required.  If the building is dilapidated, or run down, then the Code Enforcement and Building Departments will get involved.  

In response to a citizen's inquiry about how the City of Mount Dora puts out for bids our policy is as follows:
  • Section K - Local Preference - A local vendor would be interpreted as a bidder, which as of the date of the bid opening has a valid business tax receipt (BTR) issued by the City of Mount Dora to do business in the City of Mount Dora which authorizes the vendor to provide goods, services or construction to be purchased and has a physical address located within the limits of Mount Dora from which the vendor operates or performs business.  A Post Office box cannot be used to establish physical address.  A local vendor preference no greater than 5% (Not to exceed $5,000) of the prices submitted by the non-local vendor shall be granted with City Council approval.
  • The Finance Department is assessing the approval process where the leased vehicles were installed with interior equipment and external signage and markers in consultation with the leasing company.  An RFP process was established in selecting the Eustis company that included leased vehicles and an equipment package.

Downtown 4-Hour Parking Information

  • Starting March 28, 2018, signs will be erected indicating where the 4-hour parking spaces will be located.  We still have plenty of FREE public parking that the public can use and will be offering shuttle services.

Parking Map and Information

Cornerstone Events

  • According to City Code 74.210 City-sponsored event shall mean that the City of Mount Dora, solely or in partnership with another entity, conducts and/or financially supports the event; after determining that the event either: (1) provides a local commemoration of a national holiday; (2) provides cultural or recreational experiences to city residents that are not otherwise publically available in the community; or (3) significantly enhances tourism or other forms of economic development.  Temporary shall mean no longer than seven consecutive days nor more than a total of 15 special event dates in a single calendar year for non city-sponsored special events. City sponsored special events are not subject to time limitations.

Downtown Dumpster Study
  • Trash Assessment Study (PDF)
  • Dumpster Location Map (PDF)
  • The city is looking into trash compactors to replace dumpsters in these areas and have reached out to Waste Management, who the city has a contract with, to determine how these systems work, size, cost and number of compactors.
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WaWa Roadway Improvement Information
  • The off-site roadway improvements for the Wawa project located at the southwest corner of US Hwy. 441 and Morningside Drive are reviewed and permitted by both Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) and Lake County. The applicant has coordinated with both agencies on the design and configuration improvements with these agencies. The permitting jurisdiction is with these agencies.
Clayton Street Traffic Study
  • After two concerns from citizens came in, one being speeders on Clayton Street and another concerning safety and children walking to the bus stop, the Mount Dora Police Department, with the support from the City Manager's office has decided to conduct a traffic study in the area. The study will start just after the Thanksgiving holiday and continue for up to 90 days. This study will be conducted along Clayton Street between 5th and Liberty Avenues. Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Public Safety Director John O'Grady at 352-735-7130.
Lake County 2017-2018 Tax Change
SR 44 (CR 44B) and U.S. Highway 441 Roadway Priorities
Building Permit Fee Relief
Lake John/Lake Gertrude Hurricane Event
  • As of 9/21/2017 at noon - The City of Mount Dora has received confirmation that Lake John and Lake Gertrude meet the Florida Department of Health’s guideline for Public Bathing Areas. As such, both lakes are safe for human use.
  • Press Release (PDF)
  • Lab Report (PDF)
306 West Sixth Avenue
Club Mieluz July Incident
Florida League of Cities 2017 Legislative Issue Brief
U.S. Post Office Public Meeting
  • The purpose of the meeting was to assure increased opportunities for members of the community who may be affected by the project, along with local officials, to convey their views concerning the contemplated project and have them considered prior to any final decision.
  • Meeting Information (PDF)
City Attorney Outcome
Sidewalk Projects
Downtown Parking
Alternative Water and Thrill Hill Project
Land Acquisitions on City Projects