Two New Fire Trucks

MOUNT DORA, Fla. (May 30, 2017) – The Mount Dora Fire Department held a “Wet Down” and “Roll Back” Ceremony for one of two new fire engines on Tuesday, May 30.

Two new fire engines have arrived and firefighters will have a traditional roll back ceremony for them. The origin of the ceremony comes from a time when horse drawn equipment could not easily be back into a fire station by the horses. In some places, even the water from the old unit was transferred to the new engines, which led to spillage. This required the engine to be wiped down. Today, the new truck was hosed down with water, symbolizing the transfer of duty and responsibility. The public was welcomed to come to the fire station to see the new fire engines. 100 commemorative towels were given to citizens who want to help dry off the engines. Firefighters will then push the truck back into the bay at the fire station.

​City officials joined Acting Chief Tim Griner in welcoming the new fire truck to the station.