Downtown Parking Study

Update:  After review and approval of the Downtown Parking Study, the City contracted with Renaissance Planning Group to outline a Parking Implementation Plan on November 15, 2016. On January 12, 2017 the CRA Advisory Committee reviewed and recommended approval of the Implementation Plan and prioritized the projects. On February 1, 2017, the Advisory Committee established a prioritization of the projects outlined in the Implementation Plan that was adopted, and made a recommendation to the CRA Board. Estimated costs for the projects were requested to determine if that would change the prioritization. The Implementation Plan was reviewed by the CRA Board on March 21, 2017, the plan was approved based on the CRA Advisory Committee's recommendations and priorities established.

As directed by the City Council, in July 2015, the City started a parking study with research data collections, workshops and input from the CRA Committee. The study is taking place to look at ways to improve the availability, use and supply of parking in the downtown area. The primary study area is the downtown core, an area bounded by on north by 5th Avenue, on the south by 3rd Avenue, on the east by Baker Street and on the west by Alexander Street. Areas outside of this core, called fringe areas for purposes of project identification, are also considered in this study.  Guided by staff and a steering committee, and utilizing extensive input from the public, the project has been looking at short-term parking management, long-term parking improvements and other capital improvements as ways to create a more efficient and sustainable approach to providing access to and movement around downtown, making it a place that is convenient and safe for all users.

The City has asked Renaissance Planning to review the study process and data and prepare an independent review of the preliminary recommendations put forth by the steering committee.  This review will supply analysis and strategies that confirm and refine, as appropriate, the work accomplished by the City to date and will help shape parking policy that meets the needs of visitors, downtown merchants, employees and residents.  This scope of work continues the interactive dialogue between the City and public and looks at ways to align Mount Dora’s goals, objectives and policies with the values and vision desired and voiced by the community.    More research and data is still being collected and the drafting of the Final Parking Study Report is in the final stages.

Parking Survey Results with Comments (PDF)

Downtown Parking Study Final Report (PDF)

Parking Implementation Plan (PDF)

Resolution 2017-32 (PDF)

Improving Mount Dora's Downtown Parking CRA Board Presentation (PDF)

CRA Board Memo Parking Study and Cost Estimates (PDF)