Further Benefits

Medical Insurance

The City provides employees and dependents with health insurance via the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida network, offering services from doctors and hospitals in Lake County, outside of Lake County, and even outside of Florida, allowing members to receive necessary medical attention just about anywhere they go.

Mail Order Pharmacy

The City's Health and Wellness Center provides a full formulary that can be provided through mail order, in addition, brand name medications can also be ordered through BlueCross BlueShield of Florida health plan provides a mail order pharmacy benefit managed by PrimeMail Therapeutics, LLC.

Discounted Member Services

Through Blue 365 programs, participants can receive discounts on many services such as vision care, hearing care, and hearing aids, weight management plans, fitness club memberships, and even bicycle helmets.

Life Insurance

The City provides group term life and AD&D insurance to its employees through Standard Insurance Company in the amount of $25,000 to its general employees (non public safety employees). Employees may also purchase additional life and AD&D insurance in amounts up to $300,000, and dependent coverage for their spouses and/or dependents up to $10,000.

Dental Insurance

The City offers employees the opportunity to purchase dental insurance through The Standard. Presently, two levels of benefits are available; a low plan (with a maximum plan year benefit of $1,000 per person) and a high plan (with a maximum plan year benefit of $1,500 per person).

Vision Care Insurance

The City offers employees the opportunity to purchase vision care insurance through The Standard. Coverage may be elected for employees and family members as well. Coverage includes both eye glasses and contact lens exams, prescriptions, as well as discounts on purchases. 

Supplemental Insurances

The City offers its employee an array of voluntary supplemental insurance coverage through The Standard, including short-term disability, cancer, hospitalization, accident, and many more. Information about these policies can be found by visiting The Standard.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows employees to set aside a portion of their income (pre-tax), providing reimbursement for dependent care and unreimbursed medical expenses, currently offered by Infinisource.