Training & Assignments

Field Training Program

All Academy graduates and all pre-certified officers will have to complete the twelve (12) week Field Training Program.

The Field Training Program includes a three (3) week orientation period in addition to four (4) phases of training and evaluations. During each phase, recruits will be assigned to a different field training officer, a different shift, and a different area of the city.

During each phase of the Field Training Program, recruit officers will be observed and evaluated on a daily basis.

In the fourth phase, recruit officers will be evaluated on whether they can function as a solo patrol officer.

Experienced recruits may be eligible for an accelerated Field Training Program.

Specialized Assignments

Members who complete probation are eligible for specialized assignments to either a special unit or collateral duty. The special unit incurs a 5% stipend added to salary/hourly rate and other special assignments up to $1500 annually.  The other assignments are considered collateral duties and therefore the officer may be selected for more than one (1), each paying a separate stipend.



Criminal Investigations

5% on top of salary


5% on top of salary

Drug Investigations  

5% on top of salary

School Resource Officer 

5% on top of salary

Traffic Enforcement 

5% on top of salary

Motor Officer

$750 annually

Field Training Officer

 (while training)

Certified Instructor

OT qualified

Police Mountain Bike Patrol

OT qualified

Community Relations 

5% on top of salary

Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)

$1500 annually

Traffic Homicide Investigation

OT qualified

Honor Guard

$750 annually