Hiring Process

Each selected Applicant must successfully complete the following:

  • City Application 
  • Written Skills Exam
  • Physical Abilities Test 
  • Police Addendum 
  • Oral Interview 
  • Conditional Offer
  • Background Investigation 
  • Medical Examination / Drug Screen
  • Truth Verification Test
  • Psychological Exam 

Out-of-State Certified Applicants
Out-of-State Certified Applicants will be required to complete the Equivalency of Training (EOT) which exempts a former officer or special forces member from having to complete the full basic recruit academy. Once the Applicant successfully completes the EOT, they will be eligible to take the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). Applicants will have three (3) attempts to pass the SOCE.

Mount Dora Police Department currently does not offer sponsorships. 

Applicants currently in the Law Enforcement Academy are eligible to complete an application if interested in the Mount Dora Police Department. 
For additional information on obtaining a Florida law enforcement certification, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Website.