Health Insurance

Members are provided with individual medical insurance benefits at minimal cost to the employee.  Working for the City of Mount Dora provides employees with a very comprehensive benefits package that includes free medical care and free generic medications through the City’s Employee Health & Wellness Center, CareHere.

Life Insurance

Members are provided life insurance and accidental death or disability insurance, both on or off duty. Florida Law provides $25,000 line-of-duty death and $50,000 unlawful death insurance.


Members earn pension benefits of 3.25% for each year of service and may elect to receive early retirement at 50 or full retirement at age 52, with 25 years of service. Members have vested rights after six (6) years of service at 3.25% per year of service.


Officers are provided with all uniforms, ballistic vests, weapons, and other necessary equipment, including a shoe allowance annually. Plain-clothes officers are provided an additional clothing allowance.

Assigned Vehicle Program

Upon completion of the Field Training Program, officers become eligible for the assigned vehicle program and may be assigned their own patrol car to drive to and from work.

College Tuition Reimbursement 

The agency will pay 100% tuition costs up front towards a Bachelor's Degree at any Accredited University for officers who complete probation.