Alzheimer's Registry

How the Registry Works

To register an “Extra Special Person,” simply contact Detective Pat Thomas at the Police Department by calling (352) 735-7130 or email. You will be asked to sign a waiver allowing the department to use this information to return this person to you or their other caregivers.

Release of Personal Information

This will also allow the department to release information concerning this person to other emergency agencies as necessary. Information will not be released to anyone other than authorized emergency agencies, such as fire / rescue, EMS, and hospitals. Information will also be released on a “need to know” basis only.

About the Enrollment Form

The enrollment form contains this person’s physical characteristics, medical data, and a point of contact in case of emergency. This form along with a current photo will be retained at the Mount Dora Police Department. After this person is registered with the Police Department, they will be given a medical alert bracelet (at no charge). This bracelet will have a stamped identification number, which will allow the department to locate this person’s information so that they may be returned home safely.