Patrol Services Bureau

The Patrol Services Bureau consists of twenty-four uniformed officers assigned to patrol the 13 square miles of the City of Mount Dora. They are divided into four squads, each having a Sergeant, Corporal and two officers on day shift and three officers on night shift. There are also two full-service K-9 officers. The city is divided into three sectors.
 Patrol Services has an intense field training program for new employees, which lasts approximately three months. Education is an ongoing process at the Mount Dora Police Department. Officers are encouraged to attend advanced training and college courses throughout their career. Patrol Officers work 12-hour shifts and rotate day and night shifts every four months. The Patrol Services Bureau embraces the philosophy of community-oriented policing while performing their patrol functions. Patrol Services is supplemented by a reserve staff of twelve part-time officers.
 The Mount Dora Police Department is always updating equipment. A full-size trailer obtained from a federal grant award is utilized for events, transporting specialized equipment, and major crime scenes. A customized radar trailer is used for addressing speed complaints and conducting traffic studies in potentially problematic areas.
 The patrol vehicles are fully equipped with items such as video/audio recording equipment, digital cameras, and Mobile Computer Terminals (MCT). The MCTs permit the officers to perform in the field through a mobile computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, which allows them to quickly conduct NCIC/FCIC checks, and stay in constant communication with the dispatch center.