Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The City of Mount Dora has made a commitment to provide accessibility to all of our public facilities for persons with disabilities in keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). City crews work year-round to make our sidewalks, ramps, landings and crosswalks accessible to disabled persons. Resources are limited, so every effort is made to organize the sidewalk projects in order of priority. The most significant needs are addressed first and the lesser ones afterward.

One of the best tools that the city has for prioritizing sidewalk projects is input from the public. Frequently, our residents and visitors see a need before our crews are aware of it. They communicate those needs to us through formal or informal channels and those problems are addressed. This interaction between the city and the public is part of what makes Mount Dora the beautiful, vibrant town that it is today.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires Type II entities, such as the City of Mount Dora, to provide a channel for public feedback on all issues pertaining to this law. In response to the law, the city has installed the ADA Grievance and Feedback Procedure as a formal channel for the public to interact with the City about the accessibility of public facilities.

The ADA Grievance and Feedback Form serves two purposes. First, it lets the public communicate to the city any accessibility problems with public facilities. Second, it allows the public to comment on plans and projects that are impacted by ADA.

Completed feedback forms can be emailed directly to the city’s ADA Coordinator or completed at the following locations:

  • City Hall at the Customer Service window, 510 North Baker Street
  • W.T. Bland Library at the resource desk, 1995 North Donnelly Street
  • Public Safety Complex reception lobby, 1300 North Donnelly Street
For more information, please contact the city's ADA Coordinator at (352) 735-7151 or send a fax to (352) 735-1539, “Attention: ADA Coordinator.”