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About City Codes

The Mount Dora City Council has established codes and ordinances to ensure that our City is kept beautiful. City codes protect the health, safety, and quality of life for Mount Dora residents, visitors, and business owners. This process is called Code Compliance and falls under the purview of the Economic Development Department.

Our Code Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the City’s codes and ordinances. On behalf of our citizens, the City has a vested interested in avoiding overgrown lots, abandoned vehicles, violations of the zoning ordinances, and a myriad of other violations that make the City look shoddy or unkempt.

Enforcing City codes keep property values up, brings tourism, and business activity to our area, and maintains Mount Dora as "Someplace Special." Many areas of the City are under additional Home Owners Associations (HOA) rules. These rules are not enforceable by Code Compliance.

Filing a Complaint

Most Code Compliance cases are initiated by Mount Dora residents. If you suspect a code violation in your neighborhood, please report it to Code Compliance. Once filed, the matter will be investigated within a short period of time. If the problem reoccurs after having been corrected, please report the problem again.

Code Violations

The resolution of code violations is described in City ordinances and utilizes a Special Magistrate hearing process for final resolution. Special Magistrate hearing dates, times, and agendas regarding Code Compliance are listed in the Boards & Committees Information and Meeting Notices section of the website.

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