Historic Preservation

Reflecting Mount Dora's History

The buildings of Mount Dora provide a tangible record of the history and development of our community. From the modest vernacular dwellings that were home to the average Mount Doran, to large hotels that catered to winter visitors, to downtown commercial buildings where generations of residents went shopping – each in its own way provides a view of daily life in Mount Dora in earlier times.
Long-time residents can still recall the grand hotels, when downtown was the only place to shop and when the high-tech street surfacing was pine straw.
The architectural styles of the buildings – from simple to elaborate – reflect the tastes and aspirations of the people of Mount Dora. The materials and craftsmanship in the structures reveal the environment of central Florida and the skills of builders from years gone by. The historic neighborhoods, where concentrations of older buildings remain, provide important architectural diversity and a sense of place in our growing community. These old buildings and streetscapes are treasures to be enjoyed, cherished, and protected, for they add to the beauty and value of our community.

Today, only traces of this heritage remain. Because these historic buildings and neighborhoods are limited in number, their care and preservation is critical. These are a nonrenewable resource and an important link to the history of Mount Dora.

Historic District

The Historic District includes:
  • Alexander Street
  • Baker Street
  • Clayton Street
  • Donnelly Street south of 11th Avenue
  • First Avenue through 10th Avenue, inclusive, west of Highland Street
  • Grandview Street
  • Helen Street
  • Highland Street lying between 11th Avenue and First Avenue
  • McDonald Street
  • Tremain Street

Historic Preservation Ordinance
Top 10 Historic Sites in Mount Dora
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