Local Business Tax


Anyone engaged in any business, profession, occupation, trade, amusement, or industry (Per section 26.140 of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances) within the designated boundaries of the City of Mount Dora is required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt prior to opening or conducting business.  Business Tax Receipts are applied for with the Planning & Development Office located at 510 N. Baker Street, Mount Dora.  The license year ends on September 30th of each year, and the City sends renewal notices beginning August 1 for the upcoming year.


The following items are required when applying for a Business Tax Receipt:

  1. Copy of State License (If required)
  2. Copy of Federal Identification Number
  3. Copy of Sunbiz registration (If business name is anything other than legal first and last name)
  4. Copy of a Valid Drivers License
  5. Completed Application (Signed and Notartized)

Business Tax Receipt Application - Commercial Business (PDF)

Business Tax Receipt Application - Home Based Business (PDF)

Tax Exempt Application (PDF)

Fee Schedule (PDF)




Once the completed application is received by the City, it is then forwarded to the Zoning Staff for approval. The business being conducted must meet the zoning requirements outlined in the City's Land Development Code based on the zoning district.  The application and inspection fees must be paid for at time of application.  After zoning and fire inspections (commercial applications only) are completed and approvals are made, the applicant will be mailed (or can be picked up) the Business Tax Receipt.  Additionally, any re-inspection fees must also be paid prior to the issuance of the Business Tax Receipt.

Please click on the link above to see all applicable fees related to Business Tax Receipts.   Please note that Business Tax Receipts issued after April 1st and before August 1st will be billed at half the original fee.  Business Tax Receipts are good for one year, and can be renewed on an annual basis beginning on July 1st of each year.  Any business that operates without a current and valid Business Tax Receipt will be in violation of Section 26.140 of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinance.    

Home-based businesses are welcome in the City of Mount Dora, but with some restrictions. If leasing, a completed Landlord-Tenant Agreement is required giving permission to the applicant to conduct business out of the residence. Please refer to the fee schedule for all applicable fees.  There is no fire inspection fee for home-based businesses. 




PLEASE NOTE:  Payment not received after 150 days from the date of the initial notice of tax due and who does not obtain the required Business Tax Receipt is subject to civil actions and penalties, including court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, additional administrative costs incurred as a result of collection efforts, and a penalty of up to $250.00.



For additional information or to notify us of a closed Business, please contact the Planning & Development Office at:


City Hall (2nd Floor)

510 N. Baker Street

Mount Dora, FL  32757

(352) 735-7112