CRA Accomplishments


The CRA has invested its tax increment revenue into the construction and maintenance of public improvements and other redevelopment programs since 1989.

Recently Completed Projects:

Downtown Improvement Project

Phase I was completed October 1, 2013
Phase II was completed October 1, 2014
Phase III was completed October 1, 2015
*There are currently no plans for construction in 2016.

The downtown improvement project is ongoing and will be completed in multiple phases over a multi-year time in order to minimize the impact on the downtown businesses and community events. The schedule may vary from year to year depending on the scope of work.

The Primary Objective of the project is to improve pedestrian access and safety throughout the area with the priority of making a better physical and visual connection from the downtown to Lake Dora.

The main design elements of the improvements are:
  • ADA accessible ramps
  • Crosswalks with pavers
  • Wider sidewalks
  • Add antique street lamps
  • Replace grass strips between the sidewalk & curb with ground cover or pavers
  • Bump-outs at corners to accommodate ADA ramps and landscaping
  • Address hazardous and non-viable trees
  • New tree plantings

Community Building Renovation & Expansion

While maintaining its 1929 historic and architectural appeal, the renovated building has many upgrades, including:
  • ADA accessibility throughout the building
  • Art exhibit space
  • Concession area
  • Enhanced stage area
  • Expanded lobby and community meeting room
  • Expanded restrooms
  • New auditorium seating
  • New industrial air conditioning system
  • Private dressing rooms
  • Upgraded sound, lighting, acoustics, and electrical systems

Highland Street Right of Way Improvements

A left-turn lane was installed from southbound Highland Street to eastbound First Avenue (CR 46) and a wider right-turn lane was added from westbound First Avenue to northbound Highland Street.

Enhancements on Highland Street from Shirley Avenue to Fifth Avenue included single-trunk variety of Crepe Myrtles replacing the East Palatka Hollies and decorative pavers replacing the sod.

Jasmine groundcover replaced the sod under the existing oak trees. Also included were paver crosswalks at First and Second Avenues.

Other Projects

  • Baker / Tremain Street Parking Lot, 2000
  • Childs Park / Gilbert Park Restrooms, 1997
  • Commercial Market Analysis & Business Development Study, 2004
  • Curbs and sidewalks – Tremain, Baker 4th, 3rd, 2000
  • Curbs, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping – Alexander 4th, 3rd, Donnelly, 1999
  • Directional signage, 2004 and 2011
  • Donnelly Park (15% of project cost provided by CRA), 1999
  • Donnelly Street / Limit Avenue Traffic Signal, 2001
  • Donnelly Street Phase 2 - Lincoln Avenue to Limit Avenue, 2002
  • Donnelly Street Phase I – Seventh Avenue to Lincoln Avenue, 2001
  • Downtown Alleyways (Royellou Lane, Dora Drawdy Way), 1999
  • Evans Park Wall, 1993
  • Gilbert Park Improvements, 2007 – 2008 - Voted "Best New Playground" in Lake County by the readers of Lake Magazine 2008
  • Highland Street / Fifth Avenue Improvements, 2003
  • Highland Street / Liberty Avenue parking lot and improvements, 2003
  • Highland Street Improvements, 1993-1995 and 2011
  • Historic Tour Brochure, 2009 & 2011
  • Palm Island Parking Lot, 2005
  • Parking brochure, 2007 & 2011
  • Parking garage, 1995 - 1996
  • Refurbished intersection at Donnelly Street and Fourth Avenue, 2006
  • Refurbished Mount Dora sign at Highland Street and First Avenue, 2006 & 2011
  • Resurfaced parking lot at Alexander Street & Fourth Avenue, 2006
  • Street Tree Planting & Management Plan, 2004

Additional Parking Lots

  • 1990-1993
  • Alexander Street and Fourth Avenue
  • Baker Street and Fifth Avenue
  • Baker Street and Fourth Avenue
  • Donnelly Street and Third Avenue