CRA District Map

The Mount Dora Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created to redevelop public grounds and infrastructures such as parking, right of way projects and parks. The CRA District was formed in 1987 and consists of six sub-areas:
  • Downtown Area

    – This area is generally described as being south of Sixth Avenue, west of Tremain Street, and north of the railroad track. The center of the area is the historic retail center of the City. There are over 165 business spaces in this 12-block area. Most of the parking areas are found at the southern and eastern edges of the retail center. Public areas such as City Hall, the Community Building, and Donnelly Park, are along the north side of the area.
  • Donnelly Street Corridor

    – This corridor extends north of downtown to Limit Avenue. It includes one block on either side of Donnelly Street. Alexander and Baker Street serve as the boundaries.
  • Fifth Avenue Corridor

    – This corridor connects downtown to Highland Street. The majority of properties along this portion of Fifth Avenue are used for professional offices.
  • Highland Street Business Area

    – This area extends from Fifth Avenue to the railroad overpass at Camp Avenue.
  • Lakefront Area

    – This area is located south of the railroad track. The area contains a number of parks and public areas such as Evans and Gilbert Park. The area also contains the largest piece of undeveloped land in the historic portion of the City: a four (4) acre property located along Edgerton Court south of the Lakeside Inn.
  • Robie & Camp Avenues Industrial Area

    – A portion of the City’s only industrial area is located within the CRA district. The Old Mount Dora Growers property is on the west side of Highland Street. The property on the east side is undeveloped.
CRA District Map.jpg