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Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

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With Mount Dora Community Solar Program, homeowners and businesses, as well as renters, can power their homes and businesses with sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy.  Instead of installing your own panels you can reap the sun’s benefits by subscribing all or a portion of your energy usage to be solar. It’s a simple way to be sustainable without the hassle of panel installations and upfront cost.  By the way, If you want to let your neighbors know your home or business is powered by solar, a yard sign is available that can be placed on the property receiving solar.

Features and Benefits

  • No up-front expenses, installation or equipment maintenance costs (On average, a 5 kW photovoltaic array can cost $25,000 or more to install)
  • No rooftops required (great for renters, condo owners and rooftops that are shaded by trees or nearby buildings)
  • Ability to move with you to another residence or business in Mount Dora’s service territory
  • Clean, green renewable energy at an affordable price                     

How it works (for more information click Details)

  • Those interested in the program will complete the application (see below) and choose the percentage of solar power that works best for them.  One can choose 25%, 50%, or 100% of their energy consumption to be solar energy.  
  • In addition to the Power Cost Charge there is a $0.00499 per kWh adjustment for the solar energy.  A customer using 1000 kWh per month would see a $4.99 increase for 100% participation, $2.50 for 50% participation, and $1.25 for 25% participation. 
  • The solar adjustment can change over time taking into consideration such factors as weather, and cost of delivery. There may be times in the future when the solar adjustment is negative which would decrease your bill.
  • Mount Dora has a limited amount of solar energy that is available. Therefore the program will be available to eligible customer on a first-come-first served basis.  To be eligible for the program customers cannot have an outstanding balance with Mount Dora that is 60 days or more past due.   
  • Customers can opt out of the program at any time but will not be allowed to opt back in for one year based on availability.
  • Those interested can pick up their yard sign at the City Annex (900 N Donnelly Street).

   How to Apply

  • It’s easy to sign up!  Just press the sign-up button below and complete the requested information and sign the agreement electronically.  It is important to have your account number available as this information is required to complete the document. Once you have been approved, a copy of the completed application will be emailed to you stating you are part of the program and you will see the solar adjustment on your next month’s bill.  
  • If you are not ready to tackle the online process, stop by City Hall or the electric offices and they will help you get the application completed.    

Installing Rooftop Solar PanelsRoof top solar photo

1.    Solicit quotes and select a contractor to install the solar system. The City recommends getting at least three quotes. 

2.    Pull or have contractor pull required permits and have your contractor submit a solar interconnection application and Tier1/Tier 2 Agreement.

3.    Submit design documentation to the Electric Department at  

4.    Contractor installs the solar system*. 

5.    Mount Dora reviews the application and then exchanges the existing electric meter for a bi-directional meter which measures your electrical consumption as well as the amount of consumption being sold back to the utility.

 *All PV system installation must comply with Mount Dora’s Interconnection Requirements.


Community Solar Fact Sheet