Common Code Violations

Downtown Merchant's 

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are a great way to draw customers into your restaurant or store, however they must follow the requirements set forth in the Land Development Code.

Sidewalk Cafés

Sidewalk Cafes are becoming more and more popular throughout the City of Mount Dora. They offer guests the opportunity to enjoy their meals outside, however there are a few things restaurant owners should be aware of before setting up a sidewalk café.

Trash Collection

Keeping downtown clean and safe is a huge priority for the City. We should all strive to have our city looking as beautiful and as healthy as possible. Staff does their best to keep up with the rising demand of waste disposal and litter control, but the City also needs the help of downtown restaurants and shop owners in keeping Mount Dora ‘Someplace Special’.


Boat and Recreational Vehicles

Boats, recreational vehicles, utility trailers, and motor homes shall not be permitted in front yards and shall not be permitted in side yards if the length exceeds twenty-five (25) feet.

Building Permitting

Most new interior and exterior renovations require a building permit. Check for compliance with current codes and information on permitting with the Building Department.


No person shall within the City allow their property to become filled with materials, trash, garbage, rubbish of any kind, or other waste materials.

Disabled or Abandoned Vehicles

It shall be unlawful for any person who shall own or occupy real property within the City to have upon the property any dismantled, disabled, or abandoned vehicles. An abandoned or disabled vehicle is any motor vehicle or parts thereof that does not have any of the following: a current motor vehicle tag, inflated tires, or is not in running condition.

Fence Permitting

The construction of any fence shall require a building permit from the Building Department. Walls or fences of wood construction must be constructed so the exposed framing of each section faces the interior yard.

Refuse Containers and Points of Collection

Refuse containers used for curbside pickup service shall be placed for collection at ground level on the property. Placement shall be along the street or alley line on the side of the street or alley from which collection is made. Placement for collection shall be no earlier than the evening proceeding collection. Receptacles shall be removed from the street or alley line no later than the evening of the day of collection.

Large Trash Pick-ups

Large trash pick-ups need to be scheduled with Waste Management. Placement shall be along the street or alley line on the side of the street or alley from which collection is made. Placement for collection shall be no earlier than the event preceding collection.

Off Street Parking Requirements 

Single, duplex and multifamily: At least two parking spaces for each dwelling unit shall be provided. Within R-1B, R-1, R-1A, and R-2 districts at least one space per dwelling unit will be provided by a garage. Within R-1AA, R-1AAA and R-1AAAA both spaces for each dwelling unit will be in a garage. In multifamily areas (all zoning districts), at least one additional space per three units will be provided for visitors.

Overgrown Property

No person shall within the City allow his or her property to become overgrown (reached a height of at least 12 inches) with weeds, vegetation, or other plant matter.

Sign Permitting

No person shall erect, alter, repair, or relocate any sign without first obtaining a building permit. The following signs are prohibited and shall be removed immediately: Any sign placed on city right-of-way, banner signs, pennants, spinners, wind-operated devices, snipe signs, free-standing or portable signs, trailer signs, and/or bench signs.

Trash Disposal on Streets

It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, throw, discard or place any trash, litter, paper, garbage, cans, bottles, leaves, grass clippings, or other waste materials onto any public street or sidewalk.

Other Common Complaints

  • Illegal Dumping
  • Junk and Accumulated Debris
  • Mobile Vendor on private property
  • Number of people living in a residence
  • Tree limbs blocking the right-of-way
  • Parking on Lawns
  • Properties in Substandard Condition