US Highway 441

US 441 is a regional transportation corridor that divides the east and west side of the City. It serves as the primary highway gateway into the City that will change with the improvements to SR 46, but will continue to serve as the prime north/south highway artery through the City. 


There is significant development land in the 500 acre corridor (3.5 miles in length) approx. 250 acres are vacant. Current development consists of highway commercial and community uses, with residential behind the highway frontage uses. In the long term (10+ years), the area between Donnelly Street and SR 46 may transition in both density and intensity with mixed land use nodes near these two major intersections with connectivity of transitional uses. Project development sizes can range from 1-2 acres to over 100 acres based on current ownership patterns.

The US 441 corridor will attract a combination of corporate chain stores and businesses not currently located in the City. Professional office and business services will be at the appropriate size and scale that will not compete with uses in the Wolf Branch Innovation District area. The City will require a mixture of uses that will be master planned on larger parcels in excess of 10-15 acres. The type of development pattern will be urban in nature to maximize buildings at the street edge that will enhance the street appeal of the use(s).  

US 441 Rendering


Wekiva Trail

The intent of this trail is to plan for the construction of a non-motorized, multi-use trail between the cities of Tavares and Mount Dora. The PD&E study for segment 1 of the Wekiva Trail extension was completed in 2017. Lake County is conducting a PD&E study for segment 5 of the regional Wekiva Trail.  The City of Mount Dora, in cooperation with Lake County and City of Tavares, submitted a Federal RAISE grant application in April 2021 for funding of the design and construction of both segments 1 and 5.

Wekiva Trail Segements 1 and 5

Innovation Trail 

Innovation Trail Planning Study was completed in December 2020 and proposes a 6.5-mile multi-use neighborhood trail that would provide enhanced bicycle and pedestrian connection between the existing Tremain Street Greenway in downtown Mount Dora, the planned Sorrento Avenue Trail (at County Road 437/Plymouth Sorrento Road), and the future development in the Wolf Branch Innovation District to the other Wekiva Trail segments. With the completion of the Wekiva Trail, this project will complete a trail loop serving the greater Mount Dora area.

Innovation and Wekiva Trail Map