After School Program

Round Lake Charter School Before and After School Program

Round Lake Charter School and The City of Mount Dora have partnered to offer a new and improved before and after school program. The program will be offered Monday through Friday. Drop after 7:00 am - 7:45 am and pick up before 6:00 pm  The program will include homework assistance, snacks, arts, crafts, outdoor games, indoor games and guest speakers. 


Registration Fee: $30

 Per Week Rates

 Full Week Rates: 

  • Mornings Only:  $16.00
  • Afternoon Only: $36.00
  • Both: $52.00

Reduced Lunch Full Week Rates:  

  •  Mornings Only $12.00
  •  Afternoons Only: $27.00
  •  Both: $39.00

  Free Lunch Full Week Rates:

  •  Mornings Only: $8.00
  •  Afternoons Only: $18.00
  •  Both: $26.00

3-Day Rates

  • Mornings Only:  $10.00
  • Afternoon Only: $22.00
  • Both: $32.00

Reduced Lunch 3-Day Rates: 

  •  Mornings Only $7.50
  •  Afternoons Only: $16.50
  •  Both: $24.00

  Free Lunch 3-Day Rates:

  •  Mornings Only: $5.00
  •  Afternoons Only: $11.00
  •  Both: $16.00

After the initial registration all other weekly registrations will be done online by clicking the below link or at the WT Bland Public Library located at 1995 N Donnelly St, Mount Dora. Weekly payment and registration must be completed by Wednesday of the prior week.
 Online Registration