Four-Hour Parking

4 hour parking sign

The City of Mount Dora started a parking study in July 2015 with research data collections, workshops, surveys and input from the CRA Advisory Committee. The Downtown Parking Study was accepted by the Community Redevelopment Board on October 4, 2016. The Downtown Parking Study Implementation Plan was accepted March 2017 that included a tiered solution approach to address parking needs and capital improvement projects.

On October 4, 2017 CRA Governing Board authorized a downtown time-limit signage program, which is outlined in the parking study. Starting in April 2018, the City will be installing four (4) hour time-limit parking signs within the core downtown area. Most recently, at the January 16, 2018, City Council Work Session this topic was discussed and highlighted the four-hour time-limit signage details and enforcement program. The four-hour time limit is only for on-street parking (all parking lots and the parking garage are free parking at all times). The four-hour time limit will be active 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (all week). Again, all parking lots and the parking garage are not included and offer free parking.

The downtown four (4) hour parking time-limit includes the following streets:
• 3rd Avenue, from Baker Street to Alexander Street
• 4th Avenue, from Baker Street to Alexander Street
• 5th Avenue, from Baker Street to Alexander Street
• Alexander Street, from 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue
• Donnelly Street from Railroad Tracks to 5th Avenue

In addition, the existing 15-minute parking time limit spaces will remain (some of these loca-tions will be adjusted).

According to City maps, there are 625 public spaces downtown and 95 spaces at the First United Methodist Church parking lot on 5th Avenue for a total of 720 public spaces easily ac-cessible in the downtown area. Of the 720 total parking spaces, 27 are handicap accessible, meeting the ADA requirement of 2% (15 spaces).The Free All-Day Parking lots will remain open to the public and the businesses. These lots are located at Baker Street and 5th Avenue, Tremain Street and Alexander Street. There is a parking garage at Donnelly and Charles that is free and open all day/night. Parking around City Hall and Donnelly Park will remain open to the public for all-day use.

We encourage anyone who is visiting our downtown core and plans to spend the day in our beautiful city to park in these free, all-day locations. The locations are safe and Mount Dora Police patrol often to make sure your vehicles are secure in those areas.

Mount Dora Police will be issuing warnings to anyone who parks in these spots and fines will be $25 for anyone parked outside of the four-hour limit.

The Four-Hour time limit Parking Spots will be in the downtown core from 5th Ave to 3rd Avenue and Donnelly to Alexander.

We want our businesses to thrive in the downtown area by giving visitors a chance to enjoy the restaurants and shops. Again, we offer many locations within walking distance that have free all-day parking!


Can I park on the street during the evening hours? 

Yes. The time-limit ends at 6:00 p.m. and all parking lots and the parking garage are free (no time limit).

Are there loading and unloading designated areas? 

Yes, throughout the downtown there are designated delivery spaces with specific time limits. Also, there are specific 15 minute designated parking spaces throughout the downtown area.

What is the enforcement fine? 

Violations are subject to $25.00 ticket. Towing will be enforced.

What other parking solutions is the City considering? 

Within the next few years, a wayfinding sign program and pursing new parking inventory is being considered. The parking study outlines numerous projects. The downtown is a historic, charming setting and additional sidewalk improvements are forthcoming to increase the walkability.

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