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Criminal Investigative Division
The Criminal Investigations Division consists of a Sergeant, two Detectives, and a civilian Code Enforcement Officer. They are responsible for all assigned criminal investigations as well as code enforcement cases. Through advanced and specialized training, the unit is equipped to handle everything from neighborhood complaints on poorly maintained properties to the investigation of intense violent felonies.
Overseen by Lieutenant Victor Uvalle, the Criminal Investigations Unit is staffed by Sergeant Brett Livingston, Detective Pat Thomas, Detective Daryl McCormick and Code Enforcement Officer Cindy Sommer.
Last year, the Division handled over 700 cases throughout the City of Mount Dora, including property crimes, robberies, identity theft, and sex crimes. The detectives also track sex offenders currently residing in the City and work closely with other agencies in Central Florida to ensure these individuals do not re-offend. The Division is actively involved in the Alzheimer’s program, which provides methods of keeping citizens with this terrible disease safe and accounted for.

The Division also helps communities establish Neighborhood Watch programs appropriately through the guidelines of the national program. To aid in this effort, the Unit has developed presentations on crime prevention that are available to the public upon request. Please contact Sergeant Livingston to arrange a presentation for your neighborhood.

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