Pay & Bonuses

Base Salaries

  • Start: $39,500 (after graduation from the academy)
  • With experience: Up to $43,025

Additional Pay & Bonuses

Education Incentives

  • Two years of college: $360 annually
  • Four-year college degree: $960 annually
  • Salary incentive courses: Up to $130 per month

Mount Dora Longevity / Educational Bonus Pay

Years of service 2-Year Degree / 60 hrs 4-Year Degree
5 to less than 10 years $200 $500
10 to less than 15 years $400 $750
15 to less than 20 years $600 $1,000
20 to less than 22 years $800 $1,750
25 years or more $1,000 $2,000

College Expenses

Members are encouraged to attain a college degree and may attend any accredited college and will be reimbursed the full cost of tuition, books and fees up to the level charged by the University of Central Florida.

Overtime Pay

Members working overtime will be compensated at time and one half their regular rates and may elect to take that in pay or compensatory time.

Holiday Pay

Members working approved holidays may elect to take double pay or choose to take comp time.

Extra Duty Pay

Members may choose to work special events and off-duty details for $29 per hour.

Field Training Pay

Experienced members may elect to become Field Training Officers and be assigned new recruits for training. This important assignment pays Field Training Officers an extra stipend of up to $168 per pay period.

Detective / Special Operations Pay

Members that are selected for the Criminal Investigations Division or specialized units receive an additional 5% stipend on their base salary.

Corporal Pay

Members with at least three years of experience may compete in the department promotional process. Members promoted to Corporal receive a 5% differential on their base salary.