Water Distribution Maintenance

The Water Distribution program provides for the total operational support of approximately 130 miles of water mains, 30 miles of reuse water mains, and services including the installation of new meters; installation, repair, and maintenance of 860 fire hydrants and 11,000 water distribution valves; and continued support of all water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Mount Dora Water Treatment Plant

2200 North Tremain Street
Mount Dora, FL 32757
(352) 735-7156

By popular demand, the City of Mount Dora utility bills will not reflect usage by Gallon instead of Hundreds of Cubic Feet.

This conversion affects the graphs on utility bills for water, sewer, irrigation, reclaimed, and hydrants. One Hundred Cubic Foot (HCFT)=748 Gallons so the water graphs will be much larger.