K-9 Officers


The Mount Dora Police K-9 Unit

The Mount Dora Police K-9 Unit was started in the 1990s and has serviced the Mount Dora Police Department ever since as a valuable asset. The K-9 Unit is an enhanced support function for the Patrol Services Bureau. The K-9 Unit is currently comprised of two handlers and their canine partners. The Mount Dora Police Department utilizes dual purpose canines; trained in basic patrol and narcotic detection. Each team of the K-9 Unit are certified through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The Mount Dora Police Department hand picks the canines in the unit, the handlers have chosen between the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd breeds as their partners in crime.

Primary Functions:
• To respond to alarm and prowler calls
• To conduct building and article searches
• To assist in narcotic detection
• To track felony suspects
• Locating missing persons


When K-9 Handlers are not responding to calls, they patrol the business and residential areas of the City in an effort to deter and detect break-ins. The K-9 Unit has been frequently requested to perform demonstrations at schools and community functions. The comments received from the public time and time again reflect the positive manner in which the Mount Dora Police K-9's are received and the high level of confidence in their ability.


Both K-9 Teams completed an initial training of 480 hours of Basic Patrol School and 160 hours of Basic Narcotic School. To continue the proficiency of the K-9 Unit, each Team trains a minimum of 16 hours a month and have to complete an annual re-certification of the FDLE standard. The canines are trained on 6 narcotic odors and the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA, provides the K-9 Unit the 6 training units to maintain their proficiency. The Mount Dora K-9 Unit trains within the City and locally with other agencies.

Vehicles and Equipment:

The K-9 Unit has specialized vehicles to handle the canine partner. The rear of the vehicle has a kennel designed to keep the canine secured and protected while on shift with the Handler. The vehicles are equipped with special heat detection systems that will alert the handler if the temperature inside the vehicle reaches a set level. The alarm will activate and the the windows will roll down until the Handler resets it. This system also has a door pop feature that allows the handler to active a door to open from a remote.
Both K-9 teams are equipped with everything they need to assist patrol as a support unit. Each team is supplied a basic assortment of items consisting of multiple leads, harnesses, rewards, and training gear. Each team is re-supplied as needed to be ready at anytime. The K-9 Unit works with the Patrol Schedule, but can be called in at anytime they are off any available to assist the Mount Dora Police Department.

Care and Boarding:
The Mount Dora Police Department maintains the wellness of the K-9 Unit and each canine is seen by a local Veterinarian to assure all the vaccines are up to date and the canines are healthy.
Each Canine goes home with his handler and is part of the family. The Mount Dora Police Department provided each K-9 Team with a outside 10x10 kennel. When the Handler goes on leave the canine will be boarded by the Handler to ensure the safety of the canine.

Active K-9 Teams:

Ofc. McCulloch and K-9 Stryker Ofc. Mendoza and K-9 Titan
Breed: Belgian Malinois Breed: Belgian Malinois
Purpose: Patrol/ Narcotic Purpose: Patrol/ Narcotic
Service: Since March 2014 Service: Since June 2014
Vendor: Royal Police Dogs, LLC Vendor: Southern Coast K9, Inc.

Retired K-9 Teams:

Det. Flanery and K-9 Vennie Narcotic (Labrador)
Ofc. Huskey and K-9 Jack Patrol/ Narcotic (German Shepherd)
Cpl. Alexander and K-9 Brisko Patrol/ Narcotic (German Shepherd)
Ofc. Kelly and K-9 Lando Patrol/ Narcotic (German Shepherd)