Project Steps

  1. Annexation Request Information (PDF)

    Learn about the application process, deadlines, and requirements.

  2. Comprehensive Plan Amendment Information (PDF)

    Review requirements for applying to amend the Comprehensive Plan.

  3. Conditional Use Permit Information (PDF)

    Check out requirements for obtaining a Conditional Use Permit.

  4. Rezoning Request Information (PDF)

    Learn about submitting an application requesting consideration by the city for the proposed rezoning.

  5. Site Plan Review Information (PDF)

    Learn how a site plan review is required to assure conformity with the goals and objectives of the City Comprehensive plan and requirements of the Land Development Regulations.

  6. Subdivision Plat Information (PDF)

    Read about when it is necessary to apply for a subdivision plat.

  7. Variance Request Information (PDF)

    Find out how to request minor alterations to development standards in the zoning ordinance.