Fire Prevention & Community Services

The Mount Dora Fire Department strives to minimize fire losses to its citizens by helping them prevent the emergency before it occurs by providing comprehensive educational programs and emergency-specific literature. We offer fire safety education provided business groups, nursing homes, medical facilities, residents, schools, day care centers, and community groups. Fire safety

Station tour

Fire Station Tours

During a tour, we discuss the elements involved with providing fire and emergency services and key fire safety messages.

Station tours can be best accomplished by calling the fire department for a scheduled appointment. However, if firefighters are not on a call or busy on assignment, they often conduct walk-in tours of the station as well.

Contact the Administration Office to schedule a station tour at (352) 735-7140, ext. 2101 or fill out our on-line Fire Safety Education Activity Request Form.

Blood-Pressure Checks

As part of an extended service, we offer free blood-pressure checks Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm at MDFD Station No. 1, located at 1300 North Donnelly Street.

Hurricane Awareness & Preparation

It is our goal to insure that our residents have the tools necessary to understand the effects of a hurricane and take precautions to survive safely when they occur. If you would like us to present Hurricane Awareness and Preparation to your group, please contact the Administration Office at (352) 735-7140, ext. 2101.