Rental Inspection Information

Chapter 22 Part VII of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances
The City of Mount Dora has the responsibility to enforce the Florida Building Code and other related regulations relative to safe and habitable property maintenance and structures. There exists in the city, structures used for human habitation which are, or may become in the future, substandard with respect to structure, equipment or maintenance, and may constitute a menace to the health, safety, and welfare of its residents.

Therefore, the City Council of the City of Mount Dora adopted Ordinance No. 2008-1011 requiring all owners of rental property to license such property. All property over five years old must also be inspected.

A completed Rental License Application should be submitted to the Customer Service Department, City Hall, 510 N Baker Street along with a $30 application fee and $50.00 inspection fee. The homeowner, or their designated agent, will then be contacted by the Building Department to schedule an inspection. The structure must meet the minimum criteria as outlined in the International Property Maintenance Code.

A certificate of inspection shall be valid for up to 36 months, or upon a change in the tenant occupancy, whichever occurs first. It is the general intent of this section that each rental dwelling unit shall be inspected at least once every 36 months, unless a re-inspection is warranted, or unless the rental dwelling unit is vacant. The City shall maintain an inspection and re-inspection schedule.

Licenses renew annually April 1 at the rate of $20.00 per unit ($40.00 for duplex, etc)

After initial inspection has been completed, and with subsequent changes in occupancy, the property owner may request another inspection or provide an affidavit stating that the structure has been inspected and meets the minimum criteria as outlined in the International Property Maintenance Code.

Licenses are renewed annually April 1 and are valid through March 31 on the following year, at the rate of $20.00 per unit ($40.00 for duplex, ect.) -Section 22.750 of the Mount Dora Code of Ordinances

For more information about issuing or status of Rental Licenses, please contact Customer Service Department at 352-735-7105 or email Customer Service. For questions regarding inspections please contact the Building Department at 352-735-7115 or email Building Department.

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