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The Mount Dora Charter Review Committee is comprised of seven (7) individuals, each appointed by one of the members of City Council. The individuals seated on the 2019 Charter Review Committee brought both unique perspectives and relevant experiences to the process. Over a four-month period, the Committee spent countless hours analyzing, evaluating and fully assessing the intricacies of the City’s Charter. The committee collectively proposed changes to the Charter and it is our intent to educate the voters of Mount Dora on these changes and the options afforded during the voting process.

 (According to the City Charter, Part II. Legislature, Section 9. Duties: “The city council shall cause this charter to be reviewed in 2011 and no less than once every 5 years thereafter, by ad hoc committee and the city attorney. The city council may also cause the charter to be reviewed as necessary at its discretion.”)

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Frequently Asked Questions

2020 City of Mount Dora Charter Referendum-November 3, 2020 general election

Question: City charter amendments were approved in 2019. Why are there amendments on the ballot for 2020?

Answer: The 2019 Charter review committee recommended to City Council that two (2) referendum ballots be presented to the voters (one in 2019 and one in 2020) because there were certain ballot questions that were dependent on others.  The City charter amendments for 2020 propose two changes to the City charter: the first amendment would modify the term of office for all City Council representatives including the Mayor to four (4) year terms from the current two (2) year terms; and the second amendment would limit the term for the mayor, council districted representatives and the at-large representative to eight (8) consecutive years in the same position.  Currently, there are no term limits in the charter. 


Question: If the Terms of Office- Section 12 amendment is approved, how will the new terms for City Council be carried out?

Answer: Approval of the amendment will allow for staggered four (4) year terms for all City Council seats. The mayor and the representatives of districts 1, 4 and 5 shall be elected for a three (3) year term beginning in 2021, thereafter, beginning in 2024, for 4 (4) year terms. The representatives of district 2 and 3 and the at-large representative shall be elected to four (4) year terms in 2022.


Question: Why would we want to support the change to (four) 4 year terms?

Answer: A four (4) year term would make all representatives eligible for election on even years to align with county and state elections. The Supervisor of Elections incurs the election costs for all federal, state or county elections. As such, aligning with these elections would serve as a cost savings to the City. 


Question: For the 2020 ballot question regarding terms, why weren’t three (3)-year terms considered?

Answer: The Charter Review Committee’s intent in developing the charter questions on the number of years for terms was to eliminate stand-alone City-elections during odd-numbered years. Three year terms would require odd-year elections, which are fully funded by the City. In addition to paying for the election in an odd year, the City is also responsible for paying the cost of empaneling a canvassing board in such odd year election cycles.


Question: If the Terms of office – Section 12 amendment is approved, when will the term limits begin?

Answer:  The term limit will begin following the election in 2020. An incumbent’s prior time in office will not be counted prior to the term beginning after the 2020 election.


Question: Do both amendments have to pass to amend the City Charter?

Answer: No, each amendment is stand-alone and can be approved or not approved separately.


Question: What is the deadline to request a mail in ballot for the general election to be held on November 3, 2020?

Answer: The deadline to request a mail in ballot is at least 10 days prior to the election. We encourage 1st time requests for mail in ballots be placed in plenty of time to both receive and return the signed ballot by 7 p.m. on Election Day (November 3, 2020).  Please contact the Lake County Supervisor of Elections at or call 352-343-9734 for more information.



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