Comprehensive Plan Update Page

The City is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan through the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN EVALUATION AND APPRAISAL REPORT or E.A.R.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, the City is required to notify the State Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) by April 2019, with the City's intention to provide an Evaluation and Appraisal Report (E.A.R) updating the City's Comprehensive Plan to reflect changes in state requirements in Chapter 163, Part II, F.S., since the last update of the comprehensive plan in February 2013. Given the impacts of growth, development of the Wolf Branch Innovation District, transportation (mobility) improvements, is appropriate to update the City's Comprehensive Plan Goals, Objectives, and Polices. A precursor to the amendments is to provide background data and support for these changes. Updating the Citywide Visioning Plan is the first step. The entire planning review, data collection, series of public workshops and hearings will be a 12 month process.The initial step will kickoff the updates to the Vision Plan.

Again, the purpose of comprehensive planning is to monitor and evaluate community characteristics relating to development, provisions of services, environmental protection, and other governmental activities. Planning is a continuous and ongoing process. The City of Mount Dora periodically reviews their Comprehensive Plan to ensure that it appropriately reflects current and anticipated conditions, embodies a community vision, and targets major issues that the City must address in both the short-term and long-term, complies with state statutes and rules, and is consistent with state and regional policy plans.


Background Data and Analysis (Final)

EAR and Vision Update Report (Final)

Goals, Objectives, and Policies Comp Plan 2045 (Final)

Meetings, Open House, Public Hearings: Notice of Public Meetings and Hearings (PDF)

City Council Adoption Hearing: June 16, 2020 at 5:30 pm

City Council Transmittal Hearing: March 3, 2020 at 5:30 pm

Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing: February 19, 2020 at 10:00 am

Planning and Zoning Commission Memo February 19, 2020

Planning and Zoning Commission February 19, 2020 Tab 1

Planning and Zoning Commission February 19, 2020 Tab 2

Planning and Zoning Commission February 19, 2020 Tab 3

Planning and Zoning Commission February 19, 2020 Tab 4

Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop January 15, 2020

Informational Slideshows and Flyers:

Comp Plan 101 Slide Show

Comp Plan Survey Flyer

Comp Plan Open House Flyer

Comp Plan Open House Slideshow

2020 Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Working Themes (Draft Posters):

Downtown & Lakefront (PDF)

Golden Triangle (PDF)

Housing (PDF)

Parks Master Plan Incorporation (PDF)

Wolf Branch Innovation District (PDF)