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DEBRIS - Crews continue to move through the City removing debris. Please note that if some piles are skipped or not taken in their entirety, we will return to get the debris. Sometimes due to limitations with the equipment or power lines and trees overhead, the large trucks cannot get every pile. There are smaller trucks and equipment that will come by to pick up the remaining debris. We appreciate continued patience with our crews while this job is completed. In addition, once the first pass is complete, there will be an additional pass to pick up remaining debris. The City is working with our contractor to add additional trucks in order to complete pick up as soon as possible.

The citizen drop off remains open 8am-5pm Monday thru Saturday until October 14th. This service is for storm related debris from residents of the City of Mount Dora. Commercial operations removing trees and debris are required to haul their loads to the Lake County landfill or other acceptable disposal point. Curbside pickup and the citizen drop off is not intended to service commercial operation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The site can be accessed from the end of E 11th Street near the City Dog Park. The exit will be onto Lincoln Ave. Residents are advised to use caution as the access road is unpaved and bumpy. Please do not place debris anywhere other than the designated location to prevent hindering regular operation of City services that utilize this facility.

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